Reilly Stapleton is a Melbourne based singer-songwriter and recording artist, producing music described as dark-pop. Her deep and emotional lyrics allow her audience to create an image filled with colour and honesty.

Stapleton has never been good at speaking about her feelings or thoughts submerged in her mind, however at a young age she discovered the ability to articulate these thoughts through her music. This is why her audience can always expect a truthful perspective into the singers mind and an opportunity to capture her most raw notions and reflections, some of which can be perceived in a relatable aspect to those who let the words speak to them.

After completing a 3-month artist development program with GRID series in 2018, Stapleton made her debut with the release of ‘Lost Mind’ and ‘That One’s On Me’. The tracks were described as “raw, howling and retro” (Happy Mag) and expressing “emotions that are often to difficult to articulate” (Forté).

Following these releases, Reilly spent time writing and further deveolping her sound. At the end of 2019, she returned with the unsettling rock ballad, Impulse, and more recently released A Conversation. The track’s have received praise on praise from the media with Fashion Industry Broadcast comparing her to the “empowering talents of Evanescence’s Amy Lee, Pink, Hannah Reid of London Grammar and Florence Welch of Florence and The Machine.”, and Music Injection acknowledging her as “a force to be reckoned with”.

Reilly has just recently released her new single Cherry Tree. Listen now on your preferred streaming platform.